Online- and Social Media law

As a firm, UNVERZAGT specialised early on in providing cutting edge legal advice to companies in the online sector.  We act for publishers, marketers, advertising and media agencies, but also for a large number of technology companies in the online sector.

Concepts such as cookies, user profiles and OBA are not alien terms for us.  We have been developing data protection compliant business models together with our national and international clients for many years.  Integrating social media platforms is of course becoming ever more important.

Also of increasing importance is supporting clients with applications for certifications such as the OBA icon and compliance with the online industry’s code of conduct, but also with attaining prestigious data protection quality marks.  In the online world, data protection now plays a role whose significance can hardly be overestimated.  For that reason we are also, for example, a co-operating partner with e-Privacy GMBH (

Our services include, for example:


  • Advising e-commerce companies, for example on developing Standard Terms & Conditions, and on the right to cancel, site notices and data protection
  • Registering and defending domain names
  • Drafting software development agreements, escrow agreements, licensing agreements and software licensing agreements
  • Mobile Apps (development agreements, data protection, mobile payment etc.)

Data protection

  • Comprehensive advice on all national and international data protection issues, such as:
  • Contract data processing
  • Cloud computing and Big Data
  • Online privacy (for example, privacy statements, tracking services, etc)
  • IT security, outsourcing, and compliance
  • Employee data protection
  • Assistance with applications for data protection quality marks


Online- and mobile marketing

  • Advising technology providers, start-ups and agencies, for example on the following issues:
  • Mobile and Online Behavioral Targeting
  • User profiles, use of IP addresses, cookies and device IDs (IDFA, AndroidID) as well as implementing the OBA framework)
  • Real Time Bidding, Data Exchange
  • Location-based services
  • Drafting co-operation agreements with publishers, advertisers and media agencies, as well as mobile and online marketing agreements.
  • SEM, SEO Marketing, and affiliate marketing


Social Media

  • Advising companies and agencies, for example on the following issues:
  • Advertising and marketing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.
  • Competitions and direct marketing
  • Use of pictures, text and videos
  • Permitted PR and surreptitious advertising – and where the line is drawn between them
  • Data protection
  • Social media guidelines
  • Assistance with written warnings

Our firm is a co-founder of the international network of specialist IT law firms worldITlawyers ( and a member of the BVDW (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft, the German Federal Association for the Digital Economy), active, for instance, in its specialist groups for mobile and social media, as well as in the targeting unit.  Dr. Frank Eickmeier is additionally an accredited expert at the ULD (Unabhaengiges Landeszentrum fuer Datenschutz, Kiel, the Independent Regional Centre for Data Protection in Kiel).