A brand determines the corporate image of a company and the look of many product lines. Protecting and safeguarding our clients' marks and ensuring that they can be utilised world-wide - and cannot be used by others - is one of our core concerns.

We understand our clients' needs and know their markets, providing each client with individually tailored and comprehensive advice.  Our advice begins with the strategic development and selection of the trademark and with helping to shape our clients' brands portfolio. We carry out the necessary research, deal with registration, opposition, and cancellation procedures at national and international level, and represent clients' interests before the courts - where necessary all the way to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

If a dispute arises, we will assist you to secure an out of court settlement but will not hesitate to litigate in order to enforce your trademark rights.  We prevent infringing products from entering the German market, secure injunctions ahead of trade fairs, or prevent the importation of infringing goods through confiscation procedures at the border.