Our expertise additionally extends to matters of public relations. We work actively with companies and institutions and their press officers and PR agencies to develop and realise PR strategies and activities.

We assist individuals, companies and associations with their press campaigns and PR work.  We not only advise on their own communications such as press statements, interview agreements etc, but also, and in particular, provide intensive support in crisis situations. When individuals, companies and associations become the subject of press coverage, we bring into play not only our legal competence but also our detailed knowledge of the PR industry, enabling us both to assess whether adverse coverage is vulnerable to legal challenge and to implement a fast, targeted response to avoid damage to our client's image or reputation.  We work closely together with top-class experts from the field of public relations/crisis communications and with criminal defence lawyers and insolvency practitioners to enable us to evaluate the most complex issues accurately and comprehensively, and to devise media strategies that will counteract one-sided media coverage and restore balance to public perceptions.