The press

We act for both those affected by the media and those that publish, both offline and online, in the early stages pre-publication and in response to published coverage and commentary in all relevant media (press, TV, radio and online).

Our activities also include reviewing the contents of adverse press coverage in the traditional media, but also on ratings portals and social media channels.  We insist on being involved with the relevant media at an early stage in relation to forthcoming or threatened coverage, providing support, for example, in background briefings, answering written sets of questions, or interviews.  This is above all the case where so called "reporting on suspected facts" comes into play, that is, coverage of investigations being carried out by the public prosecutor's office or other authorities or in the context of ongoing court cases.  In co-operation with communications experts schooled in journalism, we ourselves approach leading media in the interests of our clients with our own initiatives and targeted messages.

Alongside assessing potential legal action where publication has occurred, such as applying for an injunction, rebuttal or damages claims, or filing a criminal complaint of reputational damage and malicious defamation, we also make recommendations on the possibility of referring the matter to the Press Council or on complaints already made to it.

We advise publishing clients such as publishers, platform operators, and journalists, but also individuals who, in the age of blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc are themselves liable for disseminating news, on their proposed or published articles.