New Partner at UNVERZAGT VON HAVE: Michael Philippi

We are delighted to announce that on 1 January 2017, Michael Philippi joined UNVERZAGT VON HAVE as partner in order to expand the firm’s expertise in the field of Press and Privacy law.

Michael Philippi is a renowned specialist in all areas regarding the protection of privacy and reputation of individuals and companies against infringements in the media and has made a name for himself during his work for two well-known law firms over the last one and a half decades which extends national borders. His clients include famous individuals and companies from mid-sized businesses to DAX-listed companies. Michael Philippi is advising on prevention of imminent infringements in the media and press, actions on media reporting and communication and compliance crises resulting from campaigns or public litigation and preliminary investigations.

UNVERZAGT VON HAVE is renowned for its film and media law practice but also provides highly qualified advice in the field of copyright law, advertising law, online marketing, data protection law, press and PR law and IP law.

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