Data protection

We assist our clients with all questions of data protection law.  Our experts have the benefit of long-standing contacts with the national and European data protection agencies.  We advise companies on international transfers of data, Binding Corporate Rules and questions around the Privacy Shield.  We assist our clients with the protection of employee and customer data.  We draft contract data processing agreements and provide advice on the technical and organisational measures necessary to protect personal data.

Effective data protection is also –and above all - a matter of priority in the online sector.  Strategies such as Cross-Device Targeting, Online Behavioral Advertising und Programmatic Advertising are only feasible if the data protection framework is properly taken into account.  We are specialists in these issues, advising a significant number of technology suppliers, marketers, publishers and agencies in this area.

In addition, we act as the external data protection officer for our clients, as well as advising them on general questions of data protection.

Our national and international clients value us as a dependable partner in the process of securing the relevant data protection quality marks.